Field Service Amelia Island 2020

August 17 - 19, 2020

The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, FL

The Networking

Sitting passively in the audience? Not here. Field Service has more interactive formats than ever before that were built to ensure you gain the most value from your three days out of the office. Here’s what we have in store for you!

Celebrating You! Tuesday, August 20th

Following the tradition established in 2015, service executives with over 20 years experience come together for an exceptional tasting of premium bourbon. By invite only – email to reserve your spot.

Transformative Solutions! Monday, August 19th & Tuesday, August 20th

The Field Service Expo is your one-stop-shop to demo and shortlist the solutions that will transform your service organization. No matter your technology needs or level of sophistication, the Expo is designed for you. Shop around, grab a snack, play a game – the Expo is where it happens.

Roll Up Your Sleeves To Learn More! Monday, August 19th

Apply what you learn from our expert presenters to one of your top challenges. You’ll retain more of the strategies you’re exposed to and identify specific actionable takeaways for your organization.

Come Together, Ladies! Tuesday, August 20th

Support other women in the service industry. Build strong connections, and have fun at this private breakfast just for the ladies.

Leverage Buddy Brain Power! Monday, August 19th & Tuesday, August 20th

Interactive small-group roundtable discussions. Choose the topics that are keeping you up at night. Through facilitated discussion, you’ll tap into the collective expertise of 10-12 of your executive peers. Be in charge of what you learn and ask the questions you want answered, plus inspire others with your own success.

Million Dollar Ideas & Networking! Monday, August 19th

An opportunity for the most forward-thinking senior-level leaders of the global service community to network in a private setting, and to coach and be coached by one another. Learn what other senior executives think about service profitability and growth and create strong connections to move your business forward.