Field Service Amelia Island 2020

August 17 - 19, 2020

The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, FL

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The Three Pillars of Efficient Service Organizations: Completeness, Connectedness, Cloud

Claim your copy of this exclusive new report from IFS, covering the triple threat that service organizations need to reach peak efficiency. 

Change Management to Effectively Implement New Technologies Across Large, Dispersed Teams

In this new research report, you'll discover how your peers are developing strategies to guide the change management processes associated with the introduction of cutting-edge tech. Based on responses from members of the Field Service community, this piece will help you understand where your own strategies are relative to the market. Claim your copy now to see what the near-future of change management looks like! 

How AI Drives Service Performance at 3D Systems with Aquant

Learn how AI technology can help your business: Capture data from siloed and scattered sources, like CRMs, WFMs, field notes, service tickets – and even the minds of tenured employeesEmpower your entire service team with access to data that helps them solve service challenges more efficiently. Make significant performance improvements in first contact resolution, parts consumption, and service costs. Speakers:Mark Hessinger, VP of Global Customer Services, 3D SystemsChris Caron, VP of Global Sales, Aquant

Cutting Edge Technology in Field Service: Surveying the Next-Gen Technology Transforming Service Delivery and Management

The moment in time for service is being defined by advancements in technology. As new tech shapes what is currently possible, it's also impacting the long term plans of your direct peers. find out how, in the second annual release of our Field Service Cutting Edge Technology study! Claim your copy now. 

Smart Equipment 101: The Basic Building Blocks for Getting Started with Connected Field Service

As field service organizations transition towards a more connected service paradigm, they need building blocks for smart, connected equipment and machines to begin their progress. This guide offers an in-depth view of the foundational elements that support a more connected service enterprise and will help you position yourself for the outcome-based solutions your customers want and demand.

Following a Roadmap to Success in an Outcome-Based Service Model

Learn from Hitachi Solutions' Field Service Practice Lead as he discusses how your service organization can more effectively transition to an outcome-based service model. Claim your copy of this free, informative report now! 

Defining SLAs to Support Maximized Device Uptime and Outcomes as a Service

As service organizations evolve thanks to technology and new customer demands, their SLAs must also evolve around new concepts in service delivery. This report takes a hard look at trends in service, analyzing how different organizations are approaching concepts such as Outcomes as a Service. 

Report: The Key to Competitive Value in IoT-Powered Field Services

The field service management market will reach $5.11 billion by 2020. This growth continues as an increasing number of organizations adopt field service management solutions, not only for real-time information sharing, but also to streamline operations. This Field Service 2018 Post-Webinar Report identifies the opportunities for comprehensive field service management solutions and solving the industry’s top-five strategic challenges with key technologies.

No Silver Bullet: Determining a Service Strategy that Drives Profitability and Utilization

Today, service organizations must truly realize the value of service— not only for their customers, but for the overall value proposition their companies bring to the marketplace. But service teams struggle to find the right formula for success in their evolution. This report, based on ServiceMax’s April 2018 Field Service webinar, introduces paths and processes that lead to organizations’ transformational success.

Field Service Communication: Bringing the Force to Your Field Service Jedi

With ever-expanding methods of digital communication, the expected benefit of increased productivity remains a challenge for many field service organizations. This is especially true as a new generation looks to the seasoned pros—the field service Jedi—for their expertise. This report provides insights into how field service organizations can enable better communication and a more efficient workforce. By tapping into full team support using an All Mode Communication platform, teams can improve real-time response, both safety and security, and both peer and corporate support.

Keeping Pace with Service Technology: How Mobile and the Rise of Big Data are Changing Everything

Technology continues to shape the service industry, with most respondents reporting that they have made the transition to “mobile-first” strategies. Along with an increasing emphasis on mobile, major growth in the availability of data is allowing service organizations to focus on technology components like machine learning, Big Data analytics, and a predictive maintenance paradigm that envisions an end to the break/fix service model.

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