Field Service Fall 2017

September 25-September 27, 2017

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, Florida


Field Service 2017 Attendee List

Who will you be meeting and learning from at Field Service Amelia Island? Download the 2017 attendee list here!

The Director's Report: Field Service 2017

Fifteen or so years ago, service departments operated as cost centers whose greatest challenges were managing productivity, the efficiency of their service reps, and reducing costs. Since then, manufacturing markets have changed so that service has become a driver for both revenue and customer satisfaction. Service departments are now the primary, competitive differentiation for OEM brands.         

Now, as they develop a functional relationship with sales and marketing teams, service reps have the lead customer-facing role in terms of driving both revenue and customer satisfaction for the business. Read this report for more of an in-depth analysis.

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The Director’s Report FIELD SERVICE FALL 2016

This report was prepared by Field Service Fall using data gained from benchmarking the organizational priorities of service and support executives participating in the previous Field Service conferences. In addition, the Field Service Fall 2016 Program Director conducted 6 weeks of intensive research and interviews with industry leaders to contribute to this report.

The report includes challenges and opportunities for Field Services in today's modern society. It also contains a piece on solving the major challenges in the Field Service Industry.

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Field Service Mobility: Learn How to Improve Your Field Service Performance

Field service is at the convergence of many different technology trends, including Big Data, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and even augmented reality. As such, the business of delivering field service is becoming more complex. By 2020, there will be nearly 1 billion IoT devices in the field. How should field service businesses prepare for these new technology trends? Field Service Mobility: Learn How to Improve Your Field Service Performance is based on recommendations by industry experts who participated in the 2017 Field Service Mobility webinar.

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[Whitepaper] The Challenges Facing District Managers

For many organizations, District Managers play a vital role, serving as the all-important intermediary between corporate offices and individual stores or branches. As some of the most important field leaders, engaged, empowered District Managers can be a critical asset to an organization. On the other hand, ineffective field leaders and high turnover at that position can limit an organization’s ability to translate strategy into reality.

Field Service teamed up with Square Root on a new benchmark report that uncovers the biggest challenges District Managers are facing. The report includes proprietary data from surveys of more than 900 District Managers, interviews with influential corporate leaders, and actionable insights.

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Keeping Pace with Service Technology: How Mobile and the Rise of Big Data are Changing Everything

Technology continues to shape the service industry, with most respondents reporting that they have made the transition to “mobile-first” strategies. Along with an increasing emphasis on mobile, major growth in the availability of data is allowing service organizations to focus on technology components like machine learning, Big Data analytics, and a predictive maintenance paradigm that envisions an end to the break/fix service model.

Training and Outfitting the Tech of the Future: an Astea Report

Featuring the insight of four leading service executives representing several industries, this Astea sponsored report brings the thought leadership of the Field Service faculty to your desktop. Focused on the tech of the future, the report covers:

- Creating a customer facing, sales enabled service force
- Where the role of the tech will evolve along with technology
- Best practices for first time fix and preventative maintenance

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Becoming the Industry Benchmark for Customer Experience

A Total Customer Focus Transformation by ASML, a $7 billion B2B High-Technology Leader

ASML enjoyed more than 95% market share due to its advanced technology. However, they recognized that even with such a significant lead in technology, this was not enough to safeguard their future growth as customers were increasingly resistant to spending billions of dollars to get to the next level of breakthrough technology. They also appreciated that attracting,retaining and motivating the best technical service people required the creation of a corporate culture that valued employee development, work-life balance and service excellence.

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How Walgreens is Using "On-Demand" to Pioneer a Field Services Revolution

Too many times in field services do companies find themselves looking to adjust, but use a strictly binary method of decision making. Charles Hughes, Director of Field Services for Walgreens, outlines how a company can use technology to move past this archaic binary method, and pursue more of an "either/and" method of decision making. He explains how Walgreens uses an "On-Demand" method to reach this end, and how this same method can be applied to other businesses as well.

Key benefits include:
  • Boosted revenue streams
  • Faster training and/or adoption of new technology
  • Expanded coverage

Field Service Safety on the Road

Focusing on the effects of aggressive driving in field service, GreenRoad provides some methods that can be utilized to protect your bottom line and improve driving habits. Included within are ways in which you can:

- Identify common driver errors
- Create visibility around driver safety as a service manager
- Best practices for benchmarking your drivers

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The Service Executive's Guide

Deploying a field service management and mobilty solution can produce tremendous benefits for a service organization, but obtaining funding for these technology implementations is increasingly challenging.  The recent recession, ongoing economic uncertainty, and tight credit markets have made it quite difficult for companies to fund projects in recent years.

This whitepaper brought to you by Astea will focus on identifying key stakeholder and what information will be needed to answer your questions int eh development process.

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How Mobile Workforce Management Changes the Game for SMBs

For service-oriented businesses, field staff are playing more important and multifaceted roles than ever before. Not only are field employees the first line of defense against customer dissatisfaction, but they are the vanguard of the customer experience.

In order to get the most out of their field workforces, small and medium-sized businesses are leveraging mobile workforce management solutions. This eBook explores why so many SMBs are turning to these solutions to increase field productivity, reduce cost, and improve employee engagement.

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How to Choose a Next-Generation Field Mobility Platform

The rapid pace of change expected during the next ten years will present field service organizations with several challenges. A field mobility platform should equip field service organizations with the tools and technology to overcome these challenges. This paper provides guidance for selecting a next-generation field mobility platform that will transport field service operations to success over the next decade.    

Is it time for IoT to become part of the field service landscape?

The internet of things is no longer simply a buzzword around a lofty concept. Field service operations are realizing the potential for disruption meeting the IoT paradigm presents. This report covers the perceptions of brands around this new paradigm, and where they are in terms of creating meaningful strategies.

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Field Service Guide for Mobile Forms and IOS

The field worker of today has an opportunity to seize. In the past, they would have relied on paper forms, heavy manuals, phone calls, and many daily emails just to try to gather information from the field. The field worker of yesterday was completely disconnected, with no way to get information to and from the office without physically delivering it. With mobile technology, we can now deliver the data in real time. The field worker of tomorrow and their managers, along with their administrative team at the office, will be completely connected in an efficient way that institutes productively collecting data as part of their day-to-day business.

Key points include:
  • Introducing mobile technology to a late-adopting workforce
  • Managing integration of mobile forms on the back-end
  • Gauging the aftermath of a transition
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Where Service Meets Sales

The field service industry is in the midst of a major transformation. Using powerful new digital solutions, tools for service lifecycle management, customer relations, remote on-demand training, and real-time automation and information have become crucial in order to transform service delivery.

This whitepaper covers the following:
 - How service and support companies are centralizing and streamlining supply chain management
 - How customer-centricity initiatives have become essential
 - How businesses are automating their operations

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Creating the Mobile Workforce of the Future Through Technology and Training

For service-oriented businesses, field staff is playing an expanding and more complex role. A more efficient and connected field team can be a major asset, helping to reduce costs, bolster revenue, and provide reliable intelligence. This whitepaper discusses how service-based organizations can more efficiently collect and compile data, and what benefits that may yield.

Key topics include:

  • Top priorities and challenges facing mobile workforce management
  • Mobile workforce data as a business enabler
  • Building the best possible field team

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Unlocking the Field Service Supply Chain

As the customer experience becomes increasingly linked to the field service supply chain, service organizations are looking internally, optimizing and integrating back-end systems and processes in order to improve all lines of business. This 2017 Field Service Fall benchmark report identifies the connections between customer satisfaction and back-end operations that provide visibility into customer habits and revenue opportunities. Access this report to improve supply chain management and streamline your organization for exceptional service.

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Field Service 2016 Attendee List

Download the latest attendee list for Field Service Fall 2016 here!

Ignite Supply Chain Whitepaper

Ignite Marketing embarked on an analysis of industry similarities and differences to identify some of the real opportunities. Click on the image at left to view the whitepaper now.

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