Here's How Bell is Keeping Customers Happy in the Time of Coronavirus

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At the time of writing (this author has written this phrase more times than he cares to count recently) the US has seen itself go from being skeptical of the existence of the coronavirus to becoming the epicenter of the pandemic. This is despite being number one on a 2019 Global Health Security Index of disease outbreak preparedness.

However, the rate of infection worldwide is finally starting to slow. Much of the reason for this lies in the general public following the lockdown and social distancing guidelines being put out, such as only leaving your home for essential purposes including buying food, seeking medical assistance, and caring for vulnerable people.

Having to stay at home for prolonged periods can be detrimental to both physical and mental health. Therefore, companies that provide entertainment and communications capabilities, such as Canadian company Bell, have found a new purpose in keeping people happy and healthy.


Internet and television usage are two of the main factors in this sector which has seen a major spike in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. As people are forced to spend extended periods away from friends, family, and loved ones, social media and video calls have become an essential method of staying in touch and communicating with one another — something Bell has been well prepared for.

“Every year, Bell invests billions of dollars to provide Canadians access to the best network technology in the world,” said the company in a press release. “These investments have allowed Bell to easily manage increases of up to 60% in internet usage and 40% in television watching throughout the COVID-19 situation.”

Bell has also put several extra measures in place to help support its customers through the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown procedures. Not only this but, due to the uncertainty around when the lockdown will end, these measures have recently been extended until the end of June:

  • Waiving extra usage fees for all residential internet customers.
  • Providing consumer and small business customers with Turbo Hubs, Turbo Sticks and MiFi devices, an extra ten GB of domestic usage, and a ten-dollar monthly credit on their existing plan.
  • Offering free previews on a selection of great TV channels and on-demand content.

People are using these services more than ever and the last thing they need to be worrying about is whether they are going to be facing any additional charges for all the extra viewing or usage. Less scrupulous companies could quite easily take advantage of this situation to earn themselves extra revenue, so it’s refreshing to see one as large as Bell supporting its customers during this challenging time.


One of the more innovative measures being put in place by Bell, however, is how it is helping its customers with the installation of new equipment. Usually, an engineer visits the customer’s home and installs everything for them, but the pandemic has changed all that. Obviously, with the recommendations on social distancing, having people who are not members of your household in your home is not advised.

“We take protecting the health and safety of our team members and customers very seriously,” said Bell. “We are introducing our Assisted Self-Installation and Repair program. Where possible, our technicians will perform service installations and repairs entirely from outside the home.”

Bell will now deliver all new equipment as usual — observing social distancing guidelines, of course — but will ask customers to install the equipment themselves. Bell engineers will be on hand via phone or video call to guide the customer through the process if required and ensure they don’t get stuck or frustrated. Engineers will still carry out any installation steps, maintenance, or repairs that can be done from outside but will only enter the customer’s home if necessary. If they do have to enter, they will follow all safety recommendations regarding handwashing and PPE — including shoe coverings and disposable gloves — and ask customers to observe the guidelines also.

“If intervention inside the home is required, technicians will provide equipment in boxes at the door and guide customers through the necessary steps over voice or video call directly from their service vehicle,” the company continued. “Only when needed will technicians come into the house. Our technicians and customers will then be asked to practice proper sanitation and social distancing measures.”

Final Thoughts

We all have a responsibility to protect and support each other during this crisis and it’s encouraging to see a company such as Bell doing so much to support its customers and protect its staff.

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