Field Service Fall 2017

September 25-September 27, 2017

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, Florida


Day One: Service Advancement Day - Monday, September 25, 2017

07:00 AM - 07:55 AM Registration & Breakfast In The Exhibit Hall

We hear you – You want more exhibitors and innovative technologies to discover. So this year we are bringing you the largest Field Service Fall Exhibit Hall to date! We’ve done the legwork identifying which solutions are market leading and sought after by your peers. All you need to do is show up and explore… And while you’re at it, enjoy the games, specialty coffee, mimosas, giveaways, cash prizes and so much more! You won’t want to leave.

Solution providers, there’s no better place to showcase your brand. To find out if your organization is a fit for the Field Service Exhibit Hall, contact sponsorship manager Evan Speight at 1 646.200.7828 or

07:55 AM - 08:15 AM Welcome Remarks & Ice Breaker

Sara Mueller, Portfolio Director, Program Development, Field Service Events


Sara Mueller

Portfolio Director, Program Development
Field Service Events

08:15 AM - 08:30 AM Chairperson’s Opening Address

Martin Knook, CEO, Gomocha


Martin Knook


08:30 AM - 08:50 AM Turning Customers Into Raving Fans: A Customer Service And Support Transformation

Denise Rundle, General Manager & Partner, Customer Service & Support, Microsoft
Making it easier for customers to self-serve
Identifying consistent complaints to reduce the amount of support calls
Understanding how customers are using your product and their specific needs
Ensuring customers are taking maximum advantage of your product offerings and upselling when appropriate


Denise Rundle

General Manager & Partner, Customer Service & Support

08:50 AM - 09:10 AM How To Get A Holistic Business Transformation Effort Started

Johnny Johnston, SVP Business Enablement, National Grid
How to go about defining where your organization wants to be and what needs to be done
Building business buy in from the start
Exploring cloud vs. on-premise and agile vs. waterfall approaches to better meet customer and regulatory needs
Standardizing and simplifying processes; re-platforming aged technology
Building a credible multi-year road map to achieve your goals
How to leverage pilots to build learning and momentum


Johnny Johnston

SVP Business Enablement
National Grid
Making multiple channels available for your customers to get support whenever they need it
Identifying technologies that can create a better customer experience, from an enhanced web portal to an app and more
Determining when you can leverage existing tools for better collaboration or when you need to introduce new technology
Providing your customers with the info they need – not too much or too little
Looking to the future: Will augmented reality be a tool we one day provide to our customers (rather than just our technicians)?


Christopher J. Smith

VP Service Innovation
OTIS Elevator Company

Jim Freely

SVP of Global Service Solutions
Bell and Howell

Mauricio Martinez

Executive Director, Maintenance & Managed Services
Fujitsu Network Communications

09:50 AM - 10:15 AM The Next Wave of Field Mobility: How Voice Changes Everything

Mike Moore, Partner, WillowTree
Conversational interfaces, like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Siri, and chatbots, are transforming the way we interact with computers at home, on-the-go, and even at work. Instead of typing, tapping or using a mouse, we will primarily use our voices, but the response from our devices will vary among voice, text and graphics, depending on our context. "Multi-modal UX" will be the biggest change in human interface design since the iPhone revolutionized mobile 10 years ago, and will change everything from how consumers buy online or consume content, to how employees in the field rapidly access information.


Mike Moore


10:15 AM - 10:20 AM Help Huddle: Creating A Culture Of “Customers First”

A quick 5-minute ice breaker to get you talking! You and your tablemates will each share one thing you did right and one thing you did wrong around the topic area.

10:20 AM - 11:05 AM Iced Coffee & Donuts, Games & Networking In The Exhibit Hall

Track A

11:05 AM - 12:05 PM Workshop A: Building The Infrastructure For An Effective Self Service Program

Hiren Dalal, VP, Global Customer Success & Support - Transformation, CA Technologies Christie Morin, Program Director, Knowledge Services, CA Technologies
Many users today turn to self-service support first, expecting a quick search to return helpful results. Self-service best-practices have evolved steadily over nearly two decades, but the pace of innovation driven by today’s app economy has redefined how users expect to have their questions answered and problems solved. Hear how CA Technologies approached the challenge of rethinking its self-service strategy and delivery of knowledge. We will share why and what we did at CA in the past 18 months and provide you with ways to get started and some key learnings you can benefit from as you navigate in your organizations. We also will cover our thinking on measuring success of transformation programs by focusing on outcomes rather than activity metrics. Attendees will leave with a deep understanding of how Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) can elevate their organizations self-service efforts and will get a chance to think and discuss about how they can do things differently in their organizations to deliver a better self-service customer experience.

Takeaways include:

Why is “WHY” so important in transformation initiatives?
What is KCS? and why is it the industry standard in digital self-service?
How to successfully implement KCS and reap its benefits
How to validate and measure success
How to make your transformation stick
How to avoid the common pitfalls in transformation initiatives


Hiren Dalal

VP, Global Customer Success & Support - Transformation
CA Technologies

Christie Morin

Program Director, Knowledge Services
CA Technologies

Track B

11:05 AM - 12:05 PM Workshop B: Implementing Virtual Presence Merged Reality At The Forefront Of Dispensed Beverage Equipment: The Bunn Experience

Tim Spencer, SVP & General Manager Service Operations, BUNN


Tim Spencer

SVP & General Manager Service Operations

Track C

11:05 AM - 12:05 PM WORKSHOP: Expanding Business Value by Leveraging Technology and Service Transformation

T. Scot Harnish, Senior Manager, Field Services, FedEx Sam DiFabbio, Senior Program Manager, Asset Management and Field Services , FedEx
Rebranding & marketing to increase consistency and understanding
  • Building on past successes the opportunity exists to improve overall business value by rebranding as Field Services while redefining scope & enhancing partnerships, increasing visibility, consistency, accountability and tactically doing more.
  • Success will be achieved by focusing on the following items:
  1. Partnerships
  2. Communication
  3. Business Value
  4. Professionalism

Current Perceptions
  • Our current “technician” type mentality has built a positive reputation for its ability to execute & achieve task-based goals among departments, but is known as inflexible
  • Process driven
  • Consistent measures and reporting for quantitative success metrics
  • Accomplishments shared amongst project teams
  • Success in the field is inconsistent
  1. Varying levels of leadership, professionalism, people
  2. Expectation not understood
  3. Accomplishments/value not recognized or celebrated
  • There is an opportunity do to more

Rebranding the Culture as well as the Team
Our team impacts the success of supported locations primarily through standardized visits on a consistent schedule enabling them to say “Yes.”
  • Maintains technical systems/ensures proper configurations, system integrity
  • Coaches Team Members on standard operational procedures
  • Implements and trains on new and existing systems, processes, and procedures
  • Supports issue escalation/resolution
  • Reviews accomplishments, business impacts and action items with center management team, also summarized daily reporting


T. Scot Harnish

Senior Manager, Field Services

Sam DiFabbio

Senior Program Manager, Asset Management and Field Services

Track A

12:05 PM - 1:05 PM Workshop D: No Matter Where You Are on the "Digital Scoreboard," You Can Always Aim Higher!

Martin Knook, CEO, Gomocha
Whether you're a paper-based organization considering the transition to a digital platform or you're already 100% digital, you can always tighten the screws of your operation and aspire to the top of the scoreboard. In this workshop, Gomocha CEO Martin Knook together with an industry leader will take you through some real-life scenarios to underscore the importance of analyzing where you are now, specifying where you want to go, and defining what success will look like. You will learn ...

• ... that "going digital" from a paper-based operation is not overly complex, and the process should not instill fear.
• ... that "mixed-technology" back-offices don't need to stay the course merely because they hope functionality will eventually improve.
• ... that "all-digital" shops aren't on easy street just because they invested heavily to go digital (tweaks are sometimes necessary)
• ... that there is always room for improvement.

Check the schedule and put Gomocha CEO Martin Knook's "Where Are You On the Digital Scoreboard?" workshop on your calendar, so you'll know how to aim higher.


Martin Knook


Track B

12:05 PM - 1:05 PM Workshop E: How Ignoring Data Cost The Falcons The Super Bowl

Shahar Chen, CEO & Co-Founder, Aquant Assaf Melochna, COO & Co-Founder , Aquant
Analytics are part of virtually everything we do now. In sports, analytics and the use of data have become a competitive advantage, enabling teams to influence the course of the game. But can these analytics and the use of AI tell us how to increase our chances to win in real time?

Join us for this session to discover how sports science is changing the way football, basketball, and other sports teams are playing and what we can all learn from this to provide better service and wins for our customers.


Shahar Chen

CEO & Co-Founder

Assaf Melochna

COO & Co-Founder

Track C

12:05 PM - 1:05 PM Workshop F: Service Transformation: The Cornerstone Of Your Digital Journey

Joe Kenny, Senior Customer Success Engagement Director, ServiceMax from GE Digital
How can service transformation drive business results at the crucial point of service? Learn how the key functional components of the ServiceMax Platform has powered industry leaders to improve the efficiency and productivity of their field service organization, grow service revenue, and improve compliance and safety.

In this age of disruption, industries are rapidly being transformed, and field service is playing a key role in that transformation. Throughout this workshop, we will discuss how the power of transformation is bridging the gap between machines and people which, in turn, is driving greater reliability, profitability, and security through digital solutions. Discover the impact of field service digital transformation on your overall business, and how our customers are already seeing immense productivity gains, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction by changing the way their service is delivered.


Joe Kenny

Senior Customer Success Engagement Director
ServiceMax from GE Digital

1:05 PM - 2:05 PM Lunch

Track A

2:05 PM - 3:05 PM Workshop G: They’re Coming! R U Ready 4 Millennials?

Tom Voirin, VP of Customer Services, ISCO International
This workshop brings keen insight and best practices to successfully engage and motivate millennials in your business. Tom utilizes a workshop/presentation format to highlight the unique characteristics of the millennial generation in the workplace. He will also provide a simple easy-to-use framework to connect millennial’s with your customers and drive your service organization to exceptional levels of performance!

Tom Voirin

VP of Customer Services
ISCO International

Track B

2:05 PM - 3:05 PM Workshop H: The Link Between Big Data, IoT, Field Services, And Data-Driven Decision Making

Gregory Ratcliff, Director, Life-Cycle Management, Vertiv
  • Defining IoT (again) in the market and specifically elements found in data centers
  • Defining big data
  • Evolution of machine learning
  • Big data providers for the non-geek crowd
  • DIY vs. using a partner


Gregory Ratcliff

Director, Life-Cycle Management

Track C

2:05 PM - 3:05 PM Workshop I: Magical Realism To Enhance Customer Service – Spotlight On Service Transformation In The Utilities Industry

Syd Briggs, General Manager, Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric
Think back to when someone took an extra unnecessary (but very welcome) step to make your situation better or day brighter. Do you remember how it made you feel? How often do your customers feel this way? When they experience a sense of “magic” from your team, they are much more likely to be satisfied, loyal, and/or make a purchase. But magic doesn’t – poof – just appear. You need to empower your team to become magicians. Syd will share practical examples of magical realism in business, and help you adjust your operations to break the mold, prepare for the unexpected, and establish individual branding.

Syd Briggs

General Manager
Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric

All Attendees

3:05 PM - 3:50 PM Margaritas & Churros, Games & Networking In The Exhibit Hall

Women In Service Conclave Happy Hour

3:05 PM - 3:50 PM Women In Service Conclave Happy Hour

Build strong connections with women service leaders early in the conference. Learn how others have navigated the corporate jungle gym and found support, their views on the future of service, even what books are on their night stands! Celebrate the successes of your fellow women executives and make new friends to ensure an even more productive experience at Field Service Fall. Ready to connect and inspire now? Request to join our newly created Women In Service LinkedIn group to start the discussion!
9 small-group roundtable discussions: Choose 2 (30 minutes each).

#1 Leveraging The Right Data In Real-Time To Provide Proactive Service
Robert Horton, Director of Field Service Operations, ABB

#2 Should Technicians Sell To Your Customers?
Dave Pinto, Director, Technical Services, Henry Schein Canada

#3 Making A Freelance Or On-Demand Workforce Work For You
Fabricio Sallette, Director of Service Operations, Sealed Air

#4 Building Out Support Channels To Enhance The Customer Experience
Mary Proud, Global Client Care Coordinator, WW Sorter Support, Pitney Bowes

#5 Exploring What And How We Communicate How We Can Do Better
Scott Wooden, Field Service Manager, Card-Monroe Corp.

#6 Enabling Technicians To Enhance Service Experience And Improve Productivity
Charles Dowdell, Director, Global Technical Service Information, AGCO
Eric Marlan, Senior Product Manager, Mize

#7 Industry Board Room: Medical Device & Diagnostics
Charles M. Byrd, Director of Operations, Implementation, and LRL Support, Roche Diagnostics

#8 Topic TBC
Simon Berman, VP Products, Capriza

#9 Taking The First Steps Towards Implementing Augmented Reality In Your Service Business


Robert Horton

Director of Field Service Operations

Dave Pinto

Director, Technical Services
Henry Schein Canada

Charles M. Byrd

Director of Operations Implementation, and LRL Support
Roche Diagnostics

Fabricio Sallette

Director of Service Operations
Sealed Air

Mary Proud

Global Client Care Coordinator, WW Sorter Support
Pitney Bowes

Scott Wooden

Field Services Manager
Card-Monroe Corp.

Charles Dowdell

Director, Global Technical Service Information

Simon Berman

Vice President - Products

Invitation Only

3:50 PM - 4:50 PM Senior-Level Assembly

This is an invitation-only session for the most senior service executives of the world’s largest corporations. Assembly attendees will spend the hour deliberating vital issues that impact service leaders and their companies. We believe it is of value to the global service community to bring presidents, general managers, and SVPs from the world’s leading organizations (with more than $10 billion in annual revenue) to discuss strategy and the role of service as our world, technology, and customers evolve. For more information or to request your invitation, contact program director Sara Mueller at or 1 239.451.4155.

4:50 PM - 5:50 PM A Journey Through Wine Country Reception In The Exhibit Hall

A sommelier-driven wine experience that will take you through rolling hills and terraced vineyards. Fall in love with the offerings of the vine while learning more about the varietals and nibbling on palatable bites.

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